Running MIT Scheme with Emacs in Windows

After scratching my head over the various approaches, with no luck, I finally resorted to a very simple setup. Blame it on the lack of support under Windows for otherwise a fantastic combo.

My scheme sources are managed in a sub-folder inside a OneDrive managed folder. This is just to keep them safe. My workflow is very simple.  In Emacs, I find or create a scheme file. Then to execute it I run scheme through the menu option Scheme->Run Inferior Scheme. I load the same file in the MIT Scheme prompt by giving just its name and then go through as its eval-print loop. If I happen to change my Scheme source folder then I restart the Inferior Scheme so that it could find the new sources it in its current working directory.

My purpose is very limited (going through the SICP exercises), so I am not using any source control or IDE. Though Racket (formerly PLT Scheme) proved helpful at debugging.

Here is how I set it up:

  1. Install MIT Scheme from:
  2. Make sure that its binary folder is your path.
    Ex: Add C:\Program Files\MIT-GNU Scheme\bin to your PATH variable.
    It is set via Control Panel\System and Security\System then find PATH in Environment Variables -> System Variables.
  3. Rename or make a copy of mit-scheme.exe to just scheme.exe
    This is to ensure that the Emacs by default finds it – otherwise you need to configure Scheme program name variable in the Emacs settings. I found renaming scheme exe simpler.
  4. Add a new system variable named: MITSCHEME_BAND, containing path of
    Ex: MITSCHEME_BAND : C:\Program Files\MIT-GNU Scheme\lib\
  5. Add a new system variable name: MITSCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH, pointing to the scheme lib.
    Ex: MITSCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH : C:\Program Files\MIT-GNU Scheme\lib

That’s it!


India, On New Order


I always believed in my motherland and in my people. In context of the results of recent general elections 2014, I am now reassured that we made a right choice. We will sure evolve and show the rest of the world our true potential. Seeing the torrent of changes happening here in India, I’d never regret staying back and raising my kids here. No doubt, it is challenging but this is where I belong and this is where I will be for good times or hard times. And I am proud of it. I feel fortunate that I am living in these times and I am part of this journey. Achhe din aane wale hain, but only when and only to those who plays his or her part in all honesty. It all starts from you and me. I think the best one can do is to work sincerely whatever one does and improves upon it, rather than killing time blaming others and one’s luck. And yes, never forget to give back to your country. It is not about doing charity, it is about cleaning, building and helping your own home, your motherland. Lastly, I feel we have the right leader. Authoritarian he may be, but this country needs serious discipline. I wish and hope we will all work towards development in a comforting harmony, respecting our social & religious fabric, building a legacy on which our future generations would  proud upon. Vande Mataram. Jai hind. Maa tujhe salaam.