Hi. I am Harsha, your host.  Here I share the learnings which would interest to anyone who is interested in programming and software design. The focus of my posts is mainly on techniques and solutions to the programming and design problems I encounter in my course .

I got infatuated with the spirit which inhabits machines at age of 12 and the romance has never stopped since. It all started on a humble BBC Micro and today it goes to the roaring cloud. I worked on many software shops on diverse technologies ranging from the signal systems, telecom switches to the office productivity apps and services. My interests are varied: on programming techniques (yes, thankfully it is still an art & craft), languages (C++, C#, LISP/Scheme), system engineering, Emacs, hobby mathematics, psychology, philosophy, literature, music, paintings and the list goes on…

The blog contents are provided “AS IS” with no warranties and confer no rights. These are sole individual personal points-of-view and the posts and comments by me or the participants in no way represent the official point-of-view of my employer or any other organization.


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